english shakespeare company publications publications
‘The English Shakespeare Company’
– The Story of the Wars of the Roses
Co-author with Michael Pennington
Publisher: Nick Hern Books

reineckehiawatha‘Reineke Fuchs’ (in German)
– Adaptation of Geothe’s poem for Stage
Publisher: Nyssen and Bansemer

‘Hiawatha’ – adaption of the Longfellow poem for the stage
Publisher: Heinemann, French’s

-Adaptation of ‘The Canterbury Tales’
(Adaptation with Phil Woods)
Publisher: French’s

‘The Ancient Mariner’
– Adaptation of Colleridge’s poem for the Stage
Publisher: Heinemann

‘Beowulf’ (Anon)
Adaptation for the Stage
Publisher: Heinemann

– ‘Shakespeare The Director’s Cut’
Essays, Volumes 1 and 2.
Publisher: Capercaillie Books

bogdanov pennington
Michaels Bogdanov and Pennington

Shakespeare The Director’s Cut
-New, combined volume
Publisher: Capercaillie Books

The Director’s Cue
-Reminiscences and Thoughts
Publisher: Capercaillie Books