about Michael Bogdanov

Chapters on Michael Bogdanov’s work in (a selection):

‘On Directing’. Ralph Berry
‘Directors’ Theatre’. Judith Cook
‘The Shakespeare Myth’. Ed. Chris McCullough
‘The Taming of the Shrew’. Graham Holderness
‘The End Crowns All’. Barbara Hodgdon
‘Looking at Shakespeare’. Dennis Kennedy
‘Shakespeare’s Serial History Plays’. Nicholas Grene.
‘Shakespeare Observed’ – Samuel Crowl
‘Is Shakespeare Still Our Contemporary?’ – ed. John Elsom
‘The Shakespeare Quarterly’
Various editions of Shakespeare’s plays – Arden, Penguin, New Cambridge etc.
PLUS: Numerous TV, Radio, Newspaper and Periodical profiles and interviews, available on request, including ‘Desert Island Discs’, ‘Heroes’ (Tyne Tees) and ‘With Great Pleasure’.
Various BBC Documentaries including BBC Wales two part radio profile ‘Bogdanov’.